Wireless EV Charging

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Weather conditions / pollution without consequences & Maximum work Safety


Efficiency > 93%
15 years of expert knowledge in the bus industry


High charging power
Maximum convenience & safety
Discreet integrable


Less battery capacity necessary, No wear parts Hardly any maintenance costs

Battery Friendly

Low thermal stress
Increasing lifespan due to short charging processes

About us

IPT Technology develops solutions for inductive power transfer in application areas such as electric mobility (Bus, Cars, 3-wheelers, etc.

IPT Technology is a spin-off of Conductix-Wampfler. First activities in inductive power transfer started at Wampfler (later Conductix-Wampfler) in 1997. In 2014 IPT Technology became independent. The range of services IPT Technology is offering today, covers research and development, design, production and distribution up to commissioning of appropriate solutions.

IPT Technology in joint partnership with RERISE, a group of companies in to multi-disciplinary activities focusing largely on EV and Drones is represented by RERISE IPT in India. In India, RERISE IPT is exploring pilot projects with several PSUs & STUs.


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